A - Contracting

- The Company provides with various services within the engineering sector, including architectural and construction studies and scheduled completion of small or large projects; in addition to making electrical heating and air conditioning engineering studies.

- Booban executes projects for construction of commercial and residential complexes and public as well as private buildings.

- Building hospitals and health complexes, and providing them with medical equipment in collaboration with an experienced and distinguished medical staff.

- Completion of turn-key hospitals with a fixed capacity of (50) beds, which include all medical supplies and an operating room of European origin.

- Supplying mobile and more sophisticated field hospitals of German and Austrian origin, where the most precise surgical operations can be conducted.

- Construction of roads, tunnels, bridges and airports.

- Swimming pools building, including all equipment filters and pumps, …etc.

B - Technical Services

Booban provides its services in the areas of technical and professional fields using state-of-the-art technology, including the following services: _

1. Supply, installation and maintenance of television and radio transmission equipment.

2. Supply surveillance cameras and accessories in addition to professional camera systems.

3. Supply metal and antiquities detection equipment as well as three-dimensional imaging devices for the underground layers.

4. Supply night- and day vision equipment, binoculars equipped with laser technology and infrared ray and searchlights.

5. Supply and installation of fixed, mobile and hand wireless (radio).

6. Supply all logistical equipment for personnel in terms of cloths for task forces, military uniforms, helmets, bags, food cans, tents, and flak jackets.

C – General Trade and Trading Agencies

Booban is interested in import, export, trading agencies and distribution under the supervision of highly experienced staff in marketing, distribution and advertising.

In this respect, it provides the following services:

1 - Import and export of foodstuffs such as grains, sugar, audible oil and dates.

2 - Import and export of construction materials such as cement, gypsum and reinforcement steel.

3 - Import of all power generators of different sizes.

4 - Import of air compressors of all types and sizes.

5 - Import of lighting equipment and electrical wires and cables of all types and sizes.


D - Transport

Booban Group provides through Hamuraby Co. the best logistics solutions in the field of transport, and supplies other companies with all they need to purchase.  As it owns a fleet of trucks to transport goods and various materials,  and a fleet of tankers to transport petroleum products, the Company can make delivery of such purchases anywhere, whether inside or outside Iraq to the neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait and the Arab Gulf states.